The planet is shrinking and we are constantly projected to the four corners of the world through images and through imagination. In one sense it corresponds to a freer circulation of people, things, and images. In another sense, it turns individuals back on themselves, making them more like witnesses than actors in contemporary life.

There are many people today who are comfortably installed in spaces of the familiar, where the crisis is confined to people and events so distant that they appear only as ghosts on the nightly news.

Is there a no-man’s land next door?

The video, made for Niemandsland: All Dies und Nichts exhibition at geh8, contains looping footage of light passing under and between the door to my apartment and that of my neighbor’s. I am interested in horizon, as a point beyond which we cannot see. It is not a line; it has no place; it encloses no field; its location is always relative to the view.