MARCH 2016 - MAY 2016

I discovered “13 Watercolor techniques” video by Mr. Otter Art Studio on YouTube when I was searching for different watercolor techniques that I could apply to my other watercolor series. This 10-minute video shows 14 watercolor techniques with narrated instructions by the artist. I decided to do this watercolor exercise every day for what ended up being 50 days. I only listened to the recorded voice instructing me what to do in real time without watching the video. I wanted to know how I make quick decisions and if there is any opportunity for creativity in this distinctly guided exercise. There was no time to analyze things carefully and deliberately, as there was no time to get distracted and no time to clutter the mind.

Each of the watercolors has written itself a temporal history of choices and decisions. Were my decisions rational or emotional or were they a blend of feeling and reason? Were they driven by some subterranean world of emotions, feelings, passions, instincts, and intuitions? Was my hand guided by byproducts of my experience and memories?

Perhaps it was all subconscious as the subconscious only thinks in the present.

It is no clearer now than it was before. As a planning, thinking human being it is strange to accept that the paintings are a law unto themselves.