DREAMS (2005 - Present)

An on-going project that represents the residues of Elijah Talamas' dream writing. His purpose in this disciplined effort is to bring subconscious ideas and experiences into conscious cognition by writing and reflecting on them. The writing is not censored. The intense, personal, and sometimes disturbing content of the dreams is presented in a style designed solely to convey these dream experiences.

On a daily basis, he writes notes to remind himself of his dreams from the previous night or morning. Once the dreams are fully written in his dream journal, the notes are discarded. I began to collect these notes in 2005 because of my attraction to their ephemeral quality. The sequence of dream events is present in the notes only as allusion and thus offers a glimpse into his unique and intense experiences, separate from their full transcription.

Since 2005 I have made pajamas and pillow cases screen printed with his notes. The motivation behind this concept originated from my desire to be able to sleep in Elijah's dreams. Because they are such an enormous part of his conscious and unconscious life, they become a significant part of mine as well. I was interested in the question of how to give physicality to the text sequences. I want to break the generality of dreams as narrations in linear time and present them in a non-linear fashion. I see this artistic creativity, like dreaming, as a process of making new connections.

An on-going project.